Mondrian is a free vector graphics web app like Adobe Illustrator or Inkscape, available at .
Today I'm open-sourcing it.


I want to make something simpler, smarter, and more accessible than what's available. I think a lot of people want software like this, and I think there are developers who want to work on it.

I've spent the last year building Mondrian in private. It's at a pretty solid level of usability. It has been the most fun and interesting thing I have ever worked on, but I'm getting frustrated with the slow rate of progress I can muster by myself on weekends.

Come Help Build It

I'm calling those who love math, geometry, art, and the web. A group of us could make Mondrian really amazing. Email me directly or just fork the repo and open a pull request at .
I'd love to meet you if you live in New York and are interested in getting involved. Please get in touch.

Artur Sapek

New York City
January 24, 2014